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The Big Rock 200

15th - 19th August 2016

At the Uluru Kata Tjuta region

The Big Rock 200

Big Run Events is proud to announce the launch of the BIG ROCK 200!

Dates 15th - 19th August 2016

  • 5 Days, 200km, fully supported
  • In full collaboration & consultation with Traditional Owners, National Parks and Central Land Council
  • Unprecedented access to Aboriginal land

The BIG ROCK 200 is an exciting and iconic new multi day ultra running event, which has been in development for over 3 years.

Big Run Events has worked closely with Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park and the parks traditional owners, as well as the traditional owners of the lands to the south of Uluru all the way to the South Australian border.

We have been very fortunate to be granted the necessary permissions and authorities to enter these lands and conduct a 5-day 200km ultra running event to be known as the BIG ROCK 200.

The highlights of this amazing new event include:

  • Run for 5 days and 200km through stunning aboriginal land that is not accessible to the public, and learn about the aboriginal history and culture of the area from some of the Traditional owners who will accompany the run.
  • Start at the small aboriginal community Mutijulu, next to Uluru, and finish at Australia’s most iconic Outback landmark Uluru at the Mutijulu waterhole at the base of Uluru.
  • Challenge and immerse yourself in the spirit of this ancient land on this 200km journey.

Entries in this inaugural event are limited to ensure we are able to deliver a special experience and manage the event in a sustainable way to ensure we can continue to operate it in this special area in the future.

If there were ever to be a true “Bucket List” Australian off road running event, this would have to be it!

The event will be fully supported and as a special treat for this inaugural event we will be providing catering for breakfasts and dinners throughout the run, so you can ditch the freeze-dried foods if you wish!

The Big Rock 200 has been established by Big Run Events after lengthy and extensive consultation and collaboration with the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, the traditional owners of aboriginal lands surrounding the National Park, and the Central Land Council.

Never before has the general public been able to access the areas covered by the Run, and experience a fully supported multi day run on the remote and beautiful desert lands in the Uluru Kata Tjuta region.

The desert landscapes are varied and stunning, and the sacred aboriginal lands have a rich indigenous history, which the traditional owners are more than happy to share with us.

Will you be part of history by being one of the first people to experience the amazing, iconic and inaugural Big Rock 200

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If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities for this unique outback Trek please contact us.

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Selected images on this website were taken during the Burke & Wills Trek, 2014 and the Big Red Run 2015. As 2016 will be the inaugural Big Rock 200, we have selected images that are indicative of the terrain, logistics and overall experience of a remote, outback multi-day stage race, run by Big Run Events. We in no way mean to deceive or pass off these images as being from the route of the Big Rock 200.