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Born to Run

The Big Rock 200

15th - 19th August 2016

At the Uluru Kata Tjuta region

Aboriginal Consultation & Collaboration

Big Run Events has been working on plans for this Run for a number of years, and over that time has had extensive meetings and communications with a range of groups including the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park Board including Traditional Owners, the Central Land Council who represent the interests and assist the traditional owners of lands outside the national park upon which the event is held, and many of the Traditional Owners themselves.

In addition to these extensive meetings,  we have held recee trips in the proposed Run area in conjunction with the CLC and Traditional Owners, and had campsite locations approved and cleared by the Traditional owners.

What has become very apparent to us during this time is the deep understanding, pride and attachment to country of the Traditional Owners, as well as the willingness to share their stories and knowledge of country with outsiders.

We are indeed fortunate to be granted special access permits for this Run, and to have traditional owners accompany the Run, and share their knowledge and stories.

We are also proud that the Run will be able to employ local Anagnu people to support the Run, and also provide a range of other benefits to the Traditional owners through the conduct of the Run.
We know that those participating in this Run will go away with an increased knowledge of this country from the Traditional Owners and a deeper connection to the traditional owners of this ancient land. 

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Selected images on this website were taken during the Burke & Wills Trek, 2014 and the Big Red Run 2015. As 2016 will be the inaugural Big Rock 200, we have selected images that are indicative of the terrain, logistics and overall experience of a remote, outback multi-day stage race, run by Big Run Events. We in no way mean to deceive or pass off these images as being from the route of the Big Rock 200.